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Our products are manufactured in Europe

under FSSC 22000 certification

Food Safety System certification 22000.

This product is the flagship in the range and is for people looking for a wow effect, a “Power effect”. It is liquid energy that is assimilated by the body thanks to the combination of taurine & caffeine. Taurine is essential for stress management since it plays a major role in the stabilization and protection of neuronal membranes. That's what makes it essential during periods of stress and fatigue, even when not doing physical activity.

Caffeine is well known for its anti-fatigue action. It serves as an excitatory molecule by triggering the molecular cascades responsible for alertness that lasts. This justifies its use during periods of fatigue, increased physical or intellectual activity and when concentration must be maintained (for example, during exams or on a long car trip!)


This is our most powerful product in terms of the quantity of phycocyanin it contains. It is especially suitable for people who want to protect their natural defences. The activity of phycocyanin is comparable with the best anti-inflammatory molecules. Phycocyanin has been recognised as one of the most promising natural molecules for inhibiting pro-inflammatory Cox-2 enzymes. These molecules are involved in inflammation and pain phenomena associated with the breakdown of cartilage and joints. It also works by inhibiting the production of inflammation molecules responsible for allergic reactions.


This is the first product in the range and is particularly suitable for anyone looking for increased performance and an antioxidant effect (sports, students). The combination of phycocyanin and natural vitamin C, extracted from acerola, protects cells against the damage inflicted by free radicals on a daily basis.

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